Welcome to the official phpWIMS project website! The PHP Wine Inventory Management System is an open source wine cellar database released under the terms of the GNU GPL and provides an easy-to-use web interface for complete inventory management.

Current Stable Release:  phpwims-0.4.2.tar.gz (.bz2) - Released January 25, 2003 (Changelog, Documentation)
Previous Stable Release:  phpwims-0.4.0.tar.gz (.bz2) - [re]Released September 15, 2002

Note: All previous versions have been removed from the server in an attempt to conserve disk space.


The above screenshots were taken from version 0.4.2

Project News and Headlines

January 25, 2003 - After several months of development, I've finally uploaded version 0.4.2 to the sourceforge servers. The previous version (0.4.1) was purely a developmental release, and only distributed among beta testers. Anyway, I've made several important changes and I would suggest that all users upgrade asap. As always, refer to the changelog for complete details. Screenshots to come within the next few days...

NOTICE: If you downloaded version 0.4.0 on or before September 15, please click
here to download a critical update concerning a missing export script. Instructions for installation are included within the tar file. Again, users who downloaded version 0.4.0 after September 15 are NOT affected by this bug and do NOT need to download the update. Obviously, I have since uploaded the fully-patched version of 0.4.0, which you can download above.

September 12, 2002 - The newest MAJOR release of phpWIMS has been uploaded this morning. The entire user interface has been renovated and several important new features have been added. Take a look at the changelog for all the gory details. If you're interested, click here for a sneak peek at the newly-designed GUI. I'll upload a few more screenshots from 0.4.0 as the week progresses.

Project Roadmap

Okay, so it's not a real project roadmap quite yet, but the following is a list of features that I plan on implementing some time within the near future. However, the order in which they are listed does not necessarily reflect the priority or the order in which they will (or will not) be implemented.

1)  Multi-user capability with user-specific security permissions (version 0.2.9)
2)  Usage tracker with ability to log all submissions, updates and checkouts (version 0.2.8)
3)  Separate function for recording results from wine tasting events
4)  Intelligent installation and upgrade procedures (version 0.2.9)
5)  Port phpWIMS to Postgres - It's all you, Dave. Let me know when it's working...

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